SEO is one of the most complicated marketing strategies, partly because of the wrong information in the industry from some of the most important sources (don't mention the names because I don't want to be processed)

Each classification process must be as follows:

Audit: complete website audit so you know what is happening with the site! If the site is brand new, this is not necessary.

Strategy: make a strategy based on the audit and the general objectives of the company, this also gives you a classification schedule.

Keyword research: Research the most profitable keywords for your business, and not just the obvious, look in the long tail keywords.

Optimization on the page: all the important signals on the page that Google sees involve your keywords without optimizing too much.

Backlinks 1: generate referral backlinks, these are your social account links, press release links, quotes and any brand or URL link that helps Google determine the relevance to your site.

Backlinks 2: the powerful links that take you from page 2 to the top of page 1, authorized guest posts, outreach, influence marketing, competitive analysis, broken link building, etc.

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